Mission and Goals

The MISSION of the Association for intercultural work is to promote the development of intercultural work and contribute to a harmonious and just coexistence in a culturally diverse society.

The GOAL of the Association for intercultural work is to carry out activities according to the Statute of the Association:

  • Strive to achieve societal recognition of the profession “intercultural worker” through negotiations with government authorities, municipalities, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations about the systematic establishment of the profession/ providing job opportunities
  • Promote professional interests of intercultural workers. Represent and support intercultural workers when dealing with entities that have an impact on the implementation of intercultural work
  • Set up and maintain methodology and educational standards for basic and further training of intercultural workers
  • Strive to ensure conditions for the realization of quality education for intercultural workers in the Czech Republic
  • Continually improve the professional level of intercultural work in the Czech Republic and set ethical standards in the field of intercultural work
  • Mediate services performed by intercultural workers for migrants, public institutions and other interested parties
  • Conduct educational activities in the field of intercultural coexistence. Raise awareness about the use of intercultural work in integration policies especially at the local level
  • Participate in meetings and discussions concerning the setting of public policy in the area of ​​the integration of migrants
  • Strive to cooperate with Czech and foreign institutions that deal with intercultural work and other activities in the area of ​​integration.