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The Association for integration and migration and the Association for intercultural work invite international students in the Czech Republic to take part in a workshop on intercultural work!

Contents of the workshop:

The workshop will be based on the direct experience of intercultural workers, who provide assistance to migrants in communication with public institutions. It will focus on explaining common ethnocentric prejudices, communication mistakes, and the different needs of both migrants and public servants regarding communication in public institutions.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • information about residence permits in the CR (student visas, employment in the CR)
  • presentation of the services provided by intercultural workers (basic social counselling, assistance and interpreting in public offices, hospitals, etc.)
  • activities of NGOs that work with foreigners (e.g. language courses, possibilities to get engaged, volunteering, social and legal counselling and much more)

Format of the workshop:

The workshop activities will include role-playing situations and discussion. The workshop will be conducted in the English language and is free of charge.

Date and place: 24.11.2015 (18.00-21.00) at Integration Centre Prague, Žitná 51.

Registration until November, 20th at pojmanova@asociaceip.cz.

Invitation to the workshop



Until April 2016, SIMI (The Association for integration and migration) offers services of intercultural workers in English, Russian, Vietnamese and Spanish languages for FREE. The service is provided within the framework of the project Intercultural society without barriers. Intercultural workers – a tool for reducing socio-cultural barriers within public institutions. “

Information leaflet in English

Project title: Intercultural society without barriers. Intercultural workers – a tool for reducing socio-cultural barriers within public institutions

Project number: 3710010

Program/donor:  Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA funds.

Project duration: 1.4.2015- 31.3.2016

Contact: Eva Dohnalová; dohnalova@asociaceip.cz

The aim of the project is to eliminate discriminatory practices against migrants and to advocate for systematic changes in the accessibility of public institutions to migrants through the incorporation of the services of intercultural workers / qualified migrants in selected public institutions in Prague. By doing so, we would like to eliminate social and cultural barriers and discriminatory practices that take place in communication between migrants and public institutions (municipal authorities, financial offices, authorities for social and legal protection of children, pedagogical and psychological counseling centers, hospitals, schools, etc.). The services of intercultural workers will include interpreting, assistance, and counseling for Russian, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Arabic, and Chinese-speaking migrants / clients in selected institutions. The existence of these services lead to the strengthening of the rights of migrants and to their empowerment in communication with Czech public institutions. The services can also provide an opt-out from the dependence of many migrants on non-professional services of exploitative commercial intermediaries. At the same time, the project aims to develop the newly-established profession of intercultural workers in cooperation with the Association for intercultural work, an organization which currently represents intercultural workers. Intercultural work in the Czech Republic is performed mostly by people with migrant backgrounds. The development of intercultural work, thus, supports the participation of migrants in public space and strengthens the multicultural environment in the country. The project also aims to influence the majority population, to change the culture of public institutions by supporting greater openness and competence of staff in dealing with migrants.